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Increase patient visitisation on high margin, cash pay-services

A custom-built branded mobile app that increases your cross-selling opportunities on your high margin, cash pay services using mobile rewards.

76% in visitation ⁠· 44% in referrals ⁠· 22% increase in spends

Patient Financing

Remove the headache of patient financing

A better financing option that enables more patients to afford high-dollar procedures while reducing the time you spend on patient finance admin.

40% higher patient conversion & Highest patient approval rating

Operational Efficiency

Expose hidden fees in your statements every month

Simplify the hierglyphics on your credit card statements to identify & eliminate hidden fees and ensure you always get the best rates.

30% reduction in processing fees on average

Devices & Products


Non-invasive skin tightening technology

A hand-held plasma pen for a non-surgical eye-lift. Also removes lumps, bumps & wrinkles.

3-4 month ROI on average


A revolutionary re-generative procedure without blood draw

A portfolio of re-generation injections that are first of their kind without the need for uncomfortable and time-consuming blood draw. Adipose derrived & wartons jelly products. Great for olon, hair growth, skin re-generation, joints & sexual health.



Healthy hair & lashes without the tedious process or results tradeoff

– A hair transplant device with record application & healing time
– A holistic, and drug-free hair growth enhancement procedure & product that starts with gut health and ends with thicker, longer, and healthier hair.
– A lash serum without eye discolouration



Pharmaceutical grade & THC-Free CBD products

A range of oral & topical CBD products. Created & approved by Dermatologists.


Brandon always circles back and makes sure we're happy. He knows when a product is a good fit or not. It's nice to have a cheerleader, someone on my side who can see the bigger picture. He really cares about our relationship and is committed to delivering superior service.

Dr. Kate Zibilich Holcomb, CEO of Pura Dermatology

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