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We advise you on the latest tech to create irresistible offers & customer experiences, while reducing your workload and maximizing your profits

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So your practice is doing well. What's the next step?

There is a constantly evolving stream of technologies, products and devices available and it can be very overwhelming to keep track of which will propel your business forward, especially while running the day to day of your business.

That's where we come in!

Uphold your first-class standard

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Offers & Customer Experience

From managing check-in, patient financing and deductibles, to equipping yourself with the latest offerings, we advise you on the technology that will optimize & modernize all aspects of your patient experience.

Growth & Profit

From a branded app that does your marketing & cross-selling for you, to software that maximizes your margins by finding hidden costs in your statements. We advise you on how to increase your profits while reducing your effort.

Drastic Reduction
of Your Workload

From software that reduces admin & eliminates stress, to new devices & products that enable you to be more productive. We connect you with the tech that means you are always efficient in your operations & procedures.

All of our consultations and recommendations are:

Free of charge to you

We earn a percentage from the vendor for every successful match we make

Focus on cash-pay services

Our focus is on increasing the sales of your most desirable treatments. Cash pay!

Negotiate the best deals for you

Our rapport with our vendors allows us to negotiate the deals that maximize your investment

browse technologies book a consultation

The Latest Software, Devices & Products Specialized To Your Industry

100% customized to your practice

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Let's Get You (And Your Patients!) feeling Invincible


We will have a free discovery call with you. Based upon your industry & specific business needs we will make software, device & product recommendations that will simplify & enhance your AND your patient's life.


Give it a try! We're pretty confident you're going to love it. If you like it, you can start using it immediately.


Pop a bottle of champagne in the knowledge that you only need to focus on the part of your business you love (and are best at!)

We’re always on top of our game. We are always informed of the latest technology. Other practices look up to us. If we’re doing it, they want to do it.

Patti Barkey, CEO at Bowden Eye & Associates

I like to have the most up-to-date systems, procedures & products and Brandon sets us apart as a more forward-thinking practice.

Dr. Kate Zibilich Holcomb, CEO of Pura Dermatology