Amazing things happen when you match your patient’s external appearance with their internal power.

You make your patients feel invinvible. That’s the magic YOU create.

Smiling patient, doctor with his hand on patient's shoulder

Our difference

Meet our founder Brandon

Passionate about catlyzing people to stand within their power, Brandon felt a draw to the medical and aesthetic world where he could contribute to people looking and feeling invincible.

During his extensive background in selling & implementing devices, setting up practice divisions and consulting practices he developed an acute understanding of the shortcomins of practices. Especially the lack of systems, guidance & post-sale pull-through. Practices bought tech and hoped for the best.​

So he set up BT Medical Innovations to equip practices with the right tech from to avoid these pitfalls.

His second company, Careers in Aesthetics – a medical reqruitment agency allows him to get a complete grasp on the industry and negotiate better deals.

And above all, Brandon is a people connector. 

His client, CEO of Pura Dermatology, Kate Zibilich Holcomb says:

Brandon always circles back and makes sure we're happy. He knows when a product is a good fit or not. It's nice to have a cheerleader, someone on my side who can see the bigger picture. He really cares about our relationship and is committed to delivering superior service.

Dr. Kate Zibilich Holcomb, CEO of Pura Dermatology

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